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Rivabella: Where it’s all about Negroni’s, Branzinos, and the Beautiful People

Rivabella has taken over the old Hamburger Hamlet spot on Sunset, and the Innovative Dining Group  has replaced ground beef with chic eats!


Chef Gino Angelini of the famed Angelini Osteria  has created a spectacular offering of Italian specialties that range from healthy to decadent, but always authentic.

If you like cocktails with a bite then you must have a Negroni Nuovo! In my opinion it’s a much improved Negroni-with ingredients like Calisaya and Cocci Americano (translates to delicious)


Must have Appetizers:

 Seared Swordfish Carpaccio: This was fantastic and light, topped with fresh lemon.


Grilled Prawn with Artichoke: Offers a buttery alternative to the light lemon taste of swordfish carpaccio.


Beef Carpaccio: Great alternative for the carnivore


Main Courses:

Eggplant Parmesan: It was like a flavor blast of eggplant wrapped in a little breaded purse!


Branzino ala Griglia: An absolute must have on the menu! It comes with sautéed spinach and is cooked in a Sicilian Style Sauce



Of these three items I would go with the Tiramisu, but a better choice might be an extra appetizer.


My Ideal Meal at Rivabella? A Negroni during happy hour and a Branzino in the dining room.

Go there at 7 to eat dinner, or at 10 to be seen barely eating 🙂

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