Gusto times Two’s-to!

When I like a restaurant, you really don’t’ have to twist my arm to go back—especially when there’s a deal involved!

$65 dollars for 2 small plates, a pasta, 2 entrees, and wine—it’s certainly a reason to make time for an Iron Chef!

For Small Plates we had a bit of the land and the sea—and yes they were both as good as they look! If I had to pick one appetizer though it would be the Polpette—which is a fancy way to say Pork Meatballs.


We split the Paparadelle made with Oxtail Ragu for our pasta course and it was a lovely amount for 2. Shocking for me by this point I was already starting to fill up.

The final dishes were the Agnello and Merzullo, which translate to lamb and cod respectively. The lamb is served over eggplant and the cod came resting on top of some large beans which have opened my eyes to new legume possibilities.

Gusto is a great place to have an intimate meal, so check it out before rezzies become impossible!

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