Jack’s Classic Hamburgers-don’t change what works

Jack’s Classic Hamburgers is a an old fashioned drive-thru that would rival In-N-Out if there was more than one location.

It’s the teeniest little stand on the corner of a Toluca Lake shopping center, but it ALWAYS has a line, and it’s been there since 1979!

The menu is a simple list with burgers,fries, and classic American standards– although it does offer slightly more options than In-N-Out (and for the same price!)

The cheeseburger was deadly! Lots of sauces and a sesame seed bun to boot!

As for the fries…they were fries :( I can’t really write too much about these guys, although it might be because my healthier half made us skip the seasoning salt…

There aren’t many places left where you can have a dinner for 2 for 10 bucks, so when you can’t get a table at Craig’s…then head to Jack’s!

Jack’s Classic Hamburgers

11375 Riverside Dr
North Hollywood, CA 91602
(818) 761-4599

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