Perennial Virant: Eat what you can and can what you can’t

Disclaimer: This restaurant is not in LA…but it should be :)

Perennial Virant is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area and is helmed by Chef Paul Virant who believes in making all ingredients. Hence the slogan-can what you can’t; which refers to the act of canning.

The meal began with delicious fresh bread and homemade butter: the kind with the salt crystals on top.

As a cocktail I had one of my new obsessions—gin and egg cream—called the Contrarian. It must be a new addition to the menu because as of now it’s not on their website.


I had Carnaroli Rice as an appetizer, and it’s like a crispy risotto. A special Paul Virant touch was pickled summer beans, which are surprisingly good with cheese curds.


My main course was a pork shoulder confit which can best be described as a fried pork pancake.That might be a gross image to some, but one bite of this baby and you will have a pork eating revelation.


Desert was a chess pie, but I also got my hands on some freshly baked cookies—is there anything better? Pastry Chef Elissa Narow has created a menu with a Midwest feel to it and it perfectly complements Chef Virant’s modern home-style creations.

This lovely 3 course menu was created and discounted for Second City Audiences and it was great way to experience the philosophy behind the meal.

Here’s hoping Virant’s next restaurant will be on Melrose! You’d fit right in!

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