Pizzas at Gjelina

8 Oct

There are no signs at the trendy Venice Eatery Gjelina and the only reason you know you are at the right place is by the line forming at the door.

There is an option to STAND at the bar and have a drink while you wait though, but luckily for me it was short enough to hold my hunger.

I had a Calimocho to drink-which is red wine and coca-cola mixed together. I was hoping to be transported to Europe with one sip of this popular drink, but it was sort of a swig and a miss. The upside is definitely the price! $7 for a calimocho versus $17 for a cabernet…

Gjelina has an extensive pizza menu and it seemed like all the tables around me were splitting pizzas and French fries—although of course it was of gourmet caliber.

Upon the waitress’s recommendation I had a squash blossom pizza, and if you love olive oil and zucchini’s then this is your pie. My fiancé kept it simple with a margarita topped with prosciutto, and the taste was completely different.

Overall, Gjelina was a bit too trendy for me. All the customers and waitresses look like models, so I almost felt guilty eating food not made of air. Plus the tables are so close together that I couldn’t help feeling like an obese monster when I got up to go the bathroom. I’m pretty sure the table next to us was afraid I might eat their meal too as they watched me awkwardly shimmy my butt between the tables!

Lunch at Gjelina: You may leave feeling completely inadequate, but at least you will leave full :)

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2 Responses to “Pizzas at Gjelina”

  1. Sharzad Kiadeh (@LuxLyfe) October 8, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    “Obese Monster”!? Ummm… hardly! LOL This post is hilarious! I love the last line about being inadequate… but full!!!

    • eatdrinkla October 8, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

      Thanks!!!! And no joke about the tables. I actually didn’t sit down again out of embarrassment!

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