TART by Farmers Daughter; Totally A Rotten Time!

14 Nov

If you enjoy long waits, uncomfortable tables, and bad service…than TART is the place for you!

I went there recently for brunch and can think of 100 brunches to recommend above this one!

It began with our reservation, which was ignored…although that might have been my fault because I mistook a busboy for the reservations host after he crossed my name off the list and went to look for a table!! Only moments later when I saw him go from the patio to the kitchen did I realize we were not going to be seated by this gentlemen. I promptly went to find the hostess to discuss the confusion when she replied- “I’m the only hostess here!” and then turned to seat EVERYONE ELSE BUT US!

I know you’re probably thinking…why didn’t you leave? That is because I had a pre-paid brunch voucher with an expiration date :)

When we were finally seated the meal moved at a snail’s pace, which would have been ok, if the hostess hadn’t moved a table of 8 people next to us in a booth for 5. They seemed happy to be sweaty and cozy all together though—which made me feel even more like a crotchety old lady!

I might not be cut out for the trendy life after-all, but call me crazy for wanting more than I can get a home when I go out to eat.

Only positive thing—sweet potato fries :)–they are a must get…if you go…which I don’t recommend doing.

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