Industriel: Urban Farm Cuisine

What is Urban Farm Cuisine you ask?

Well Industriel in Downtown LA describes it as the food your grandmother would make in her house in Provence…if you grandmother had tattoo sleeves.

EatDrinkLA describes it as organic, all in house, freshly made hipster food!

Saturday Brunch goes on until way past 2-a plus for the weekend warrior hipster in all of us.

I recommend carbo-loading your meal with a basket of freshly baked goods to start. If you only have one try the whole wheat croissant—the first of it’s kind!

Entrée choices are TRULY hard to decide between. Escargot Panini anyone?

I went instead with a speck and burrata sandwich after the waitstaff had a full on debate about the pro’s and con’s of my lunch alternatives.

Just another indication about what life is like on an urban farm: they care just a little bit more, and it’s delicious!


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