Big Tastes at Little Fork

I should have known better to come starving to a place called Little Fork, so I urge to come with your “Hollywood Appetite” when you check out Chef Jason Travi and David Reiss’s newest collaboration featuring “the flavors of the Atlantic Northeast”.

The exterior looks like a place where the Russian mob might hang out, but once you are inside it’s a Scandanavian-Chic Wonderland full of impossibly good looking wait-staff and designer Ikea furniture.


The menu is divided into Bar Snacks, Small Plates, and Large Plates and here are my recommendations section by section:

Bar Snacks
Pickled Zucchini: I almost mistook this for a candle! Instead it’s a delightful little mason Jar with picked zucchini or onions inside.


The Maple Eggs: This maple egg custard is all about presentation and the art of the perfect bite! It comes served in an egg carton with what look like hollowed-out eggs filled with egg custard and topped with bacon. It’s meant to be eaten bottom to top so you can fully mix the elements with your little spoon. (ps-can you tell this was my favorite item on the menu…)


Small Plates

We had a trio of salads: Kale, Greek, and Warm Mushroom—so if you can only choose one I recommend the warm mushroom salad with parmesan and radicchio.


Steamed Snow Crab: is also a must have if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty. Personally I like to use Little forks :)

Roasted Cauliflower: Deliciously roasted and topped with golden raisins

Brisket with Three Mustards: In-House smoked brisket with rye toast points and dots of savory mustards. It’s like deli sandwich without the mess!


Large Plates

Duck Breast: The secret might be in the maple cider sauce which tops this dish–so tender!


Sea Bass Baked in Salt Crust: I have to say I really enjoyed this dish, but once the salt crust was smashed off all that remained was a teeny tiny portion of sea bass. Again bring your Hollywood appetite, or just come with a smaller group (I was at a table of 7)

Must Have Cocktail

El Perdido: It translates to the lost and involves tequila–need I say more?…



Whoopie pie: Best of my life and not to be missed


Apple cider doughnuts: If you are more of a fruit person than order a plate of these donuts served with apple butter and salted caramel. Or force down a whoopie pie! You won’t regret it.



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