Eat Like Anne Hathaway at M Cafe

Where does Anne Hathaway go when she’s not wasting away for Oscar roles…M Café  on Melrose Avenue, where the M stands for Macrobiotic (not Melrose, as I thought…)

If you’ve read enough of my posts you know I am a quite the carnivore, however for one night I was willing to swap the turkey for tempeh and could hardly tell the difference!

The restaurant is set up like a deli with glass cases filled with an array of salads, desserts, and sushi. It’s fabulous for take-out because if you find a signature salad you love (Kale with spicy Peanut for me…) you can take quart home! I also recommend the salmon and tuna salads which will satisfy any protein fix!


For entrees I tried the Big Macro Burger & The California Club—and if you can only have one choose the California Club.


The whole grain bread was sweet and fresh, and whatever secret sauce they use is absolutely addictive.


Everything on the menu is extremely filling thanks to natural ingredients and loads of beans and fermented soy!

M Café is pretty casual so if you want to make a night of it then head down Melrose Avenue to Bugatta for happy hour before coming back to M Café for Macro Hour! Both happen from 4-7 PM and nothing is over 8$.


The perfect combination to trim your wallet and your waistline.

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