What to eat after The Oscars

Where to the stars go after they’ve taken their bow…to Take a Bao  in Studio City!

This Asian-fusion restaurant offers a casual yet chic atmosphere, where it’s easy to go unnoticed while you are eating a big bowl of bibimbap.

I’m also a huge fan of the ever-changing inventive cocktail menu where you can drink a different trendy cocktail each day for just about $10…or $6-$8 during happy hour!

My must have’s include Short-Rib Bibimbap (available with brown rice for an extra health kick) and the chicken basil stir-fry-although I warn you it’s on the spicy side, even AFTER removing the hot chilies!


If you’re feeling daring order the Chicken Basil the way it’s meant to taste and pair it with an Old Rasputin Stout…you won’t even notice your tongue is burning off!


Want to keep it simple? Then order the Bao and Beer. Where you can choose any beer and add $4 to complement it with a tasty Bao!

Together, they create an absolutely award-winning combination :) 


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