Thirsty Thursdays-What is a Pickleback?

7 Mar

Today I learned a fun word that’s very familiar on the cocktail scene: Pickle-backing!! Try and use it in a sentence today because it might change your life…

To pickleback is to drink a slug of whisky followed by a chaser of pickle juice straight from the jar!! Allegedly the best way to experience this is to drink is to find the harshest whisky you can. The pickle brine acts as a natural reset for your taste-buds and creates flavor sensation you couldn’t get from just Whisky alone.

So where can you find this drink besides in your kitchen? The best place is Casey’s Irish Pub  in Downtown LA, where they say if you don’t know what a pickleback is…you haven’t lived!!!!!!!!!! Plus you can get them on happy hour for only $5.

I know where I’ll be on St. Patty’s Day :)


Casey's Irish Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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