While LA might not have the Cronut, we are home to the Fō•nut!

The cronut is the hybrid pastry creation of Chef Dominique Ansel which combines the best parts of the croissant and the donut to create a mouthful of bliss—or so I’ve heard!

ImageUnfortunately if you do not live on the Island of Manhattan, the only way to get your hands on one of these creations is by spending $40 dollars on craigslist! Although I cannot imagine these taste as good after spending 5 days in the mail.

What is an Angeleno to do but run out and get our own version of the Frankenstein donut…the Fō•nut!

The Fō•nut comes to us from pastry chefs Waylynn Lewis  & Nancy Truman who have taken a donut and skinny-ied it up by steaming and baking it instead of frying. There are gluten free and vegan friendly options, while still leaving room for Maple Bacon and Chorizo Cheddar.

Much like the cronut they are only available at one bakery in Los Angeles , but unlike the cronut you don’t’ have to wait all day in line to get one and there is free valet parking in the back :)

So save some time and your waistline and learn to appreciate the  Fō•nut as your enjoying a bikini clad summer on the beach!


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