When the lights go out at Spago

I never imagined my first time eating at Spago could be so electrifying—so when the lights went out Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills I knew it would be a memorable evening.

Although it will set you back an undisclosed $20 dollars, I recommend beginning your meal with a cocktail in the bar from their inventive and humorous cocktail menu. After a good amount of smirking I settled on a perfectly mixed dirty gin martini.

The menu is not a set pre-fixed, but courses separated by numbers 1, 2, and 3 suggest you order something from all of them. I was with a nice group of 4 so that was an easy feat and I’m happy to report large portion sizes for all the numbers.

Here is a sampling of the must-haves and the way to have them.


Marcho Farm’s Veal Filet Mignon Tartare, Smoked Mascarpone

The tartare is served osso bucco style with the most superb mustard. It instantly gave me a the sense of the Austrian influences and pairs nicely with a martini.



Sweet Corn Agnolotti, Parmigiano Reggiano, Sage

These tiny purses of sweet corn are too good not to order, but too sweet to eat on its own. I recommend off-setting it with something very salty, like the Truffle pizza.


Shaved Italian Summer Truffles

The truffles on the menu can be served anyway you choose, but it’s recommended over Agnolotti, Ravioli, or pizza. Go with the pizza if you plan on sharing these little sprinkles from heaven.


Steamed Red Snapper, “Hong Kong” Style, Jasmine Rice, Bok Choy

The best thing about this dish was the ability to share with the table based on flavor preferences. I like mine with a little more Hong Kong style than my husband and the sauce is served on the side.


I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Spago, except that the service was spotty–especially when the lights went out.

I guess it’s asking a lot from the staff to keep up appearances by candlelight, but service got slower with each course during the blackout out we sat for about 40 minutes just waiting for a check. Meanwhile it appeared that our fellow diners were taking advantage of the darkness to slip out the side door…

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