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3 events, 2 scarves, 1 night

Last night my good friend and super blogger Sharzad Kiadeh hit the town for some fun pre-Oscar parties!

The first stop was the QVC Presents The Buzz on the red carpet party where we rubbed elbows with the likes of Chris Noth (umm…Mr. Big!!!!) and the fashionistas of QVC! Ladies this is no longer the home shopping that your grandmother was used to. QVC has designers like Nicole Ritchie, Kim Kardashian, and even Cynthia Vincent! Tune in tonight if you care for some sofa retail therapy.

Party number dos was the opening of the Frey Willie store on Rodeo Drive where sashimi stuffed radishes and Veuve Cliquot were abundant! This is also the place where Sharzad and I acquired the first of two scarves! Perfect for posh bank robbing 🙂

Next we made like New Yorkers and walked two blocks to our last stop of the night-The Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills. The lobby and first floor of this boutique hotel were reserved for various beauty outlets including our favorite: Single Girl by Galina Sobolev. Perhaps it was the good company but we finished off the night in this fantastic fashion nook and got to take home another scarf-which will serve as a memento of an evening well spent and a reminder to go pick up a Single Girl Dress!

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