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The 50 Most Essential L.A. Restaurants Under One Roof this Sunday!

What if I were to tell you that you could sample over 50 of the best L.A. Restaurants right now for only $65?

Well those deemed by L.A. Weekly to be the among the 99 Essential Restaurants in Los Angeles for 2017 will be under one roof at the California Market Center this Sunday March 26th from 2-5 PM and I’ve got your tickets for unlimited food, wine, and cocktails right here!

Trouble getting a reservation at N/Naka, Le Comptoir, Bestia or Maude? Well you can satisfy your bucket list meals in just one afternoon because they will all be there! As well as Animal, Baroo, Trois Mec, Angelini Osteria, and so many more!! But what about Howlin’ Rays you’re wondering?? They will be showcased alongside 14 other restaurants less than a year old known as The Freshman 15, but unfortunately the VIP tickets including these up and comers are all sold out :(.

So don’t delay!! Get your tickets now and eat enough in 3 hours to satisfy a whole year of dining out in Los Angeles.

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