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9 Months of Mocktails

As I reminisce on my pregnancy days- now 4 weeks gone-while I balance a keyboard on my newborn son, I must pay tribute to the beverage that made all social situations tolerable for those many months, The Mocktail! Here’s a look at the LA hotspots where the often $9 price tag is worth it, if only to feel like an adult again for a few minutes.

November: Fishing with Dynamite 

The Virgin Mary became my favorite go-to mocktail, because unfortunately there is no mock version of a dirty martini to date. So if you’re in the mood for something savory then this is the next best thing! Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach does it just right finding the perfect balance between tomato juice and the accouterments!

Virgin Mary

December: Acabar 

My first flaming mocktail and at a spot so trendy I could have sworn there was liquor in my drink. Sadly Acabar in West Hollywood has shuttered it’s doors, but you can still taste cocktails by mixologist Julian Cox at Petty Cash or Barrel & Ashes.


January: Scarpetta

Keep your eyes on the right side of the photo :), somehow a scotch got in the way. Hats off to Scarpetta for a very delicious version of their Ferrari, usually made with Don Julio silver, cointreau, blood orange juice & jalapeño. This version has just as much tang as the original, just a little less vroom.

Mocktail: Scarpetta

February: IdleHour 

North Hollywood’s bootlegger bar version of a Margarita. Here the teeny prohibition style cups are most appreciated when you aren’t paying the full cocktail price-tag, which generally would set you back $12-14 dollars.

Mocktail: Idlehour North Hollywood

March: Ray’s & Stark Bar

Summer’s Comin’ Smash and by far one of my favorite mocktails because of the care that went into the preparation. Featuring muddled blackberries, housemade pineapple syrup, and a dash of pecan bitters to substitute for the rum.

Summer's Comin' Smash

April: Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive is home to an actual mocktail MENU, unfortunately they do not offer the libations at the Melrose Place location :(. Not to be deterred, I took a slightly altered version of the Jardin de Fraises mocktail made with Kefir Clover, muddled fresh strawberries, and fig clover honey.

Mocktail: Fig & Olive

May: CraftSteak Las Vegas

The cocktail shaker for this Passionfruit Mocktail was truly the highlight of the evening of me. I requested a sugar rimmed glass as well for even more smoke and mirrors. Although you won’t find CraftSteak in Los Angeles, you can check out Tom Colicchio’s Craft in Century City for the same attention to detail.

Mocktail: Craft Steak Las Vegas

June: Little Next Door

Although they are not home to an actual cocktail menu, the fine staff at Little Next Door did the next to impossible and created a Champagne Mocktail for this momma-to-be using lychee syrup and sparkling soda.

Mocktail at Little Next Door

July: Pump

Lisa Vanderpump’s sexy West Hollywood hot spot is the last place you want to see a pregnant lady waiting to pop–and their mocktails reflect this sentiment. Their mock version of the Pump-Tini was most likely nothing more than cranberry juice while the original features Vodka, Pavan Liquor, grapefruit juice, lime, and muddled raspberries. Although I was grateful for the fancy glass and the sugar rim, the $7 price tag during happy hour is perhaps what sent me into an early labor…

Mocktail Pump-Tini


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