Sage Fitness Group How this Foodie Stays Fit!!!!

A Better Me @ Better You—and a new fitness pal!

This weekend before gorging at a Super Bowl Party on Sunday, I attended a fun fitness event with my good friend and owner of www.luxlyfe.com , Sharzad Kiadeh!

We came decked out in head to toe work out gear and although we focused our energy more on massages and mimosas—the dynamism from everyone else was absolutely inspiring (just saving it for the next time I’m in the gym…)

The event was in honor of the new website, www.betteryou.com which is a new approach to finding your next trainer, hairstyle, or nail salon. It just launched in Los Angeles and might just wipe craigslist and yelp off the map with its more personal approach to helping you find your local healthy lifestyle providers!

Sharzad and I had a fantastic time, and after polishing off a coconut water and protein ball I decided that Monday I would be become a better me! (More tomorrow on my new Fitness Pal 🙂










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