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A Republic of Pie–it’s got my vote!

Two weeks ago my friend Courtney Smith and I regaled in the local fare of Republic of Pie. This is a little restaurant that opened practically across the street from me, but I never knew the wonders this store front held inside. The outside looks like another trendy North Hollywood diner, but the inside feels like a West Village Coffee House. Courtney and I walked through the swinging glass doors and were welcomed with the smell of pie and the sounds of a live jazz band—uber cute on a Sunday afternoon 🙂

We both had a sweet and a savory pie from the exposed kitchen. The pies change daily so you can keep coming back and indulging yourself and even as we sat there different varieties were making their way to the glass case.

The chocolate cream pie I had was filled with deep rich dark chocolate, and Courtney had the slightly less decadent Lemon Pie which tasted like a burst of fresh fruit.

Behind the coffee bar the baristas were making what looked like chemistry projects…putting my Costco brand drip coffee to shame.

My one regret of the experience was not sampling a beverage, but that’s all the more reason to come back to the Republic!



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