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Au revoir foie gras!

I like so many in California have just begun the countdown to foie-hibition.

Come July 1st it will be illegal to eat a fatty duck liver in this state, so what better way to mourn than to eat a $35, 3 course dinner at Papilles in Hollywood!

The menu at Papilles fits on a medium size mirror, because you only get two choices for each course. This is perfect for a table for 2 because it allows you to have everything the chef recommends, and in addition you can order the foie-gras to start.

The foie-gras was served with warm bread which was toasted to perfection and a side of tart pickled cherries. We savored every bite of the salty delicacy, and toasted bon voyage with a bottle of French wine.

There is no Corkage fee on Wednesdays…but the wine must be French!


It seemed the next three courses options were meant to be eaten as pairs, because all 6 dishes had either sweet or savory overtones.

The first course was a choice of corn chowder , or a combination of plate with asparagus, frisee, mushrooms, and egg.


The chowder was a blend of the sweetest corn, and the combination plate was simple, homey perfection.

Our main course choices were scallops, or a steak with béarnaise sauce, and I still can’t decide which dish I would choose if I was forced to only eat one.

The desert course was either a cheese or chocolate dish, and paired together it was the perfect end to Papilles.

The restaurant is a little bit of hole in the wall, but when you are inside you feel you are in a French bistro where you know the chef.

I can’t wait to go back–even without the foie gras.



6221 Franklin Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028




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