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The 6 Best Baby-Friendly Brunches in Los Angeles

A line of parked double strollers generally isn’t something anyone wants to see on a Sunday morning…but it’s a sight for sore eyes when it comes to a dining out deprived mommy!

Here is my list of the 6 best baby-friendly brunches where dirty looks from other restaurant patrons will be kept to a minimum–because chances are they have kids too 🙂

6. Barrel & Ashes in Studio City

Brunch is the perfect time to take over the back booth tables at this slightly overrated BBQ restaurant from chef’s Timothy Hollingsworth, Rory Hermann and Michael Kahikina. Enjoy a daytime cocktail from mixologist Julian Cox to help numb your insides for all the buttery and fatty goodness you are about to consume. My favorites are below, minus THE BEST DAMN CHICK’N SANDWICH Y’EVER HAD, which frankly just wasn’t. 

5. Terrine in Mid-City

Outdoor patios are always kid-friendly, and being one of the first diners to brunch at Chef Kris Morningstar’s Terrine will guarantee an entire section of the restaurant for your little one to scream and cry while you sip your Beaujolais. I recommend the Terrine Burger made with truffled butter and cheese, aioli, and cured tomato. Baby Bonus: technically the bathroom counter next to the sink could be a changing table in a pinch.

4. Trois Familia in Silverlake

Generally I wouldn’t dub this small spot with shared tables “baby-friendly”, but the music is loud and if you go at the right time (early) your baby will just blend in among the hipsters at this latest restaurant venture from the Trois Mec trio.

3. Connie & Ted’s in West Hollywood

Loud enough inside the restaurant for baby, plus a gorgeous outdoor patio with roomy bench seating make Chef Michael Cimarusti’s restaurant the perfect family friendly spot. Brunch-time also boasts $5 mimosa & bloody mary pricing. Baby Bonus: there is an ACTUAL changing table in the restroom.

2. Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood

Another great noisy spot and on a weekend afternoon it’s like Chef Nancy Silverton’s gastronomic Gymboree. The speed of the service also makes it a great choice if your little ones get rowdy because this restaurant is constantly turning over tables and is happy to get you out of there fast!


1. Bouchon in Beverly Hills

You literally can’t walk through this restaurant without bumping your stroller into someone elses. Thus it is the mecca of baby-friendliness with it’s delightful balance of haute cuisine from Chef Thomas Keller and restaurant ambient noise bouncing off the high ceilings. It’s so great we decided to bring two babies this time! Baby Bonus: Multiple private stalls with floor to ceiling doors in the ladies restroom mean you can take your time changing or even feeding your baby.




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