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Bestia; What to know before you go

Bestia in Downtown Los Angeles is one of the trendiest charcuterie obsessed restaurants of the year…and it took me almost a year to get a reservation on a Saturday night!

Here are some of my tips to know before you go, so you can get the best of Bestia!

1. Don’t go too early for your reservation. Bestia is located in the “arts district” of Downtown LA. Roughly translated this means you will be surrounded by warehouses and loft apartments, and if you want to grab a drink at a bar you’re only choice is the strip club down the street.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or you will end up with a liter of Austrian wine with a bottle top 🙁


2. Don’t be afraid to say no or you might let a pushy waiter talk you into the most expensive appetizer so you wouldn’t have to wait too long without food…

3. Do try the pizza!! It tastes like a piece of Italy 🙂 Chef Ori Menashe (of Angelini Osteria) certainly knows what he is doing-and has the oven to do it!

4. Focus on the pastas, all made fresh in house! I recommend the Casrecce al Pomodoro. The basil is magical!

5. Try some Dolci if you can. The pastry chef is part of the husband and wife duo that is Bestia: Chef Genevieve Gergis.


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