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Eat Drink Kauai


I’m just now getting back to life on the mainland after 10 days of honeymoon bliss spent on the beautiful Islands of Hawaii!

Although I wouldn’t say this state is famous for their food, I did manage to find some spots that were truly blog-worthy!

Here is an ideal day in the life of my stomach in Kauai, also known as the Garden Island.

Breakfast: Joe’s on the Green

Yes this is located on a golf course, but the food is a delightful way to start your day, even without a tee-time.

I started with a spam and egg Musubi which is basically a spam and egg sandwich wrapped in a seaweed. Not bad..but one was enough for my trip. If you are eating on a budget though then is a great option at less than 4 dollars!


Although the loco moco is Hawaii’s specialty breakfast, my sweet-tooth is far too controlling—so I went with a plate of Banana Macademia Nut Pancakes and began my official love affair with coconut syrup.

pancakescoconut syrup

Lunch: Kilahuea Fish Market

Hands down the best thing I ate!! No matter what part of the island you are on, this is worth the drive!! The Ahi Fish wrap is enormous and AMAZING!!! Large pieces of lightly cooked ahi, with drippy coleslaw, and perfectly cooked brown rice. We went early so there wasn’t any wait, but you might brace yourself for one since it’s just a little shop with just enough staff for one order at a time.


Dinner: Plantation Gardens

This is the only non-ocean side dining where the atmosphere was still transformative for me. The Plantation Gardens is a plantation style house where you really feel you are in someone’s home—for me it was George Clooney’s in The Descendants

The food was pretty good, maybe it could have been better, but hey I was eating in George Clooney’s house! 🙂

We had an appetizer sampler but to be honest you could skip the small portions and instead get a whole plate of corn fritters. They were the best out of the four dishes and I never would have ordered them on their own.


For my entrée I had the Seafood Lau Lau, which is a selection of fresh fish steamed inside a Ti Leaf with brown rice and a tasty aioli. I know I’ve had a good dish when I can still taste it two weeks later, so be sure to have a Seafood Lau Lau while you are in Hawaii—if you don’t have it a Plantation Gardens.


Mahalo for now 🙂

Next stop Kona, but until then–I leave you with the Wailua Falls.


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