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Eat drink laX

Flight delays can be the worst!

You’re surrounded by horrible people, most of them have babies, and it tends to be crowded and smelly!

On my most recent delay I found myself faced 4 hours to kill, and a bag full of uncharged apple appliances. I tried desperately to find a plug to crouch by for a while when I decided to think like snob instead.

For only $50 dollars you can sit in an outlet paradise, with free booze, food, and a plethora of chairs to yourself.

50 bucks might sound crazy….but if you’re not afraid to be shameless, then you can definitely get your money’s worth.

A few tips from me: get at least 5 drinks, fill your purse with bananas, and take advantage of the free wifi.

Best $50 you’ll ever spend 🙂


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