Sage Fitness Group How this Foodie Stays Fit!!!!


As January comes to a close I will do my one workout blog for the year and then get straight back to eating!!

This Month I spent every Saturday doing a different workout so you wouldn’t’ have to. Here are my pro’s and con’s.

Week 1: Tracy Anderson Method with Tracy Anderson

Taking the class with the creator of the method was both a wonderful and degrading experience. She did warn all of us that there would be no guidance other than what we retained from watching her, but I can bet money that there were some permanent injuries made that day. I took a 45 minute band class that involved going through her series of special designed moves while hanging off rubber bands on the ceiling. Here are my pro’s and con’s.

Pros: After the belittling is over you are left with a better body after just one workout. No joke my arms and butt are more toned after 45 minutes of her sweaty spider monkey moves.

Cons: The Price! Yes the Brentwood Studio is beautiful and has a fancy Valet, but at hundreds of dollars a month you might be better off buying her DVDs and some Lipo.


Week 2: Firm Body Evolution

Firm Body Evolution in West Hollywood is a 10/20/30 Weight Loss & Detox Program. The breakdown is  as follows: 10 minutes of cardio on a Helix Lateral Trainer, 20 Minutes of Weight Training on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, and 30 minutes inside an Infared Jade Sauna. They recommend at least 3 workouts a week.

Pros: The whole body holistic approach is a breath of fresh air compared to the military style training that has become popular these days. Also who doesn’t love spending as much time in a sauna as you do completing the “workout” portion?!

Cons: As much as I enjoyed it, I’m not quite sure 20 minutes on a vibrating machine is going to give me a rock hard body.


Week 3: Soulcycle

Anyone who thinks this is anything like a regular spin class needs to treat themselves to one. It is a combination of spinning and a Pentecostal Church Service—but without the Christianity. You can’t help but drink the Kool-Aid as you sweat and spin and chant your way to a healthier you.

Pros: I left feeling like the best version of myself and LITERALLY conquered the day! Also felt a little more trendy and had to hold myself back from buying gift shop items and tweeting about them.

Cons: You smell…a lot. Don’t plan on going anywhere after except the shower.


Week 4: Sage Fitness

Sage Fitness in Glendale prides itself on not being trendy. It is a workout and diet based on exercise science and everyone’s plan is specialized because you are working one on one with Sage himself!

Pros: I felt taken care of and left after an hour feeling strong and powerful—albeit a little sore.

Cons: This might sound silly…but I needed a water-bottle and was disappointed I couldn’t buy one there. Come prepared with a towel and water bottle!

As you can see every workout is completely different, but if I had to choose one it would be Week 4 at Sage Fitness.

In a city full of gurus, sometimes you can only trust a Sage 🙂


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