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The Elements of Alimento

Alimento in Silverlake is one of the most talked about restaurants in Los Angeles right now. It is 1000 square feet of dimly lit space brandished with a scarlet A barely viewable on Silverlake Blvd.

Although I feel like I’m last to get on the party bus for this one, I almost wish I had never read the reviews and had tried what I thought sounded best on this rustic Italian menu, instead of eating what everyone else was.

That being said, here are my favorite elements of Alimento, but feel free stop reading now if you’d rather not taste my opinions.


Chicken Liver Crostone with black plum mostarda

I didn’t know what black plum mostarda was, but now I wish they bottled it! A deliciously savage plate with more than enough for two, but you might be fighting over the last crostone.


Pig in a Blanket

I can only think this made it’s way on to the menu because it’s a childhood favorite for the Chef, Zachary Pollock. After reading raves I had to include in with my dinner, but honestly I came up feeling like I had just enjoyed some food from the state fair. I wish I had gone with the Roasted Escarole Heart…


Fusilli cockles with fava leaves, serranos, and smoked butter

Truly inventive and supremely hearty and satisfying.


Money Saving Tip: Looking to booze it up? Bring your own wine and uncork it for $20.

Overall, I enjoyed the simplicity of the menu offerings and the more than reasonable prices for a space with limited seated and only open for dinner! Also I must give kudos to the social media team for the restaurant, who recommended the daily specials when I said I was coming in that night. Perhaps I should have taken their advice instead of the critics.

Alimento Restaurant in Silverlake

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