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Eleven things to do on 11/11/11


  1. Get an $11 dollar room at The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills (with the purchase of one night at regular price)
  2. Do something for Veterans Day! (so easy to forget it IS Veterans Day). Maybe find a veteran and be-friend them? Thank them for duty and buy them a pinkberry!
  3. Get married! I hear Vegas is already prepping for the overflow of newlywed wanna-bes, so do yourself a favor and stay in LA.
  4. Spend only $11 dollars on lunch and have some fantastic Lebanese food at Hayats Kitchen! Don’t let the scary shopping center fool you, the food is fantastic, and It feels like a 3 course meal  because you start with a salad and end with a little Baklava. All for under 11.


  1. Look at the clock at 11:11 AM on 11/11/11. Don’t worry, you’ll have another chance to do it in the evening J
  2. Get a new car stereo at 11th street Electronics downtown (1109 S Central Avenue)
  3. Have some Mexican food while you’re there on 11th street at Restaurant Rincon Taurino (2308 W 11th Street)
  4. Use stubdog.com to see some theatre in LA for only $11 dollars! (or less)
  5. Buy 11 mini cookies at seventeenth street café in Santa Monica seventeenthstreetcafe.com

10. Eat some KFC—it has 11 secret ingredients J

11.Say thank you to 11 people in your life just for being there

What will I be doing you wonder? Having a 5 course wine paired meal at the Foundry on Melrose for half price!!—Thank you opentable.com


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