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Holla for Yalla

Imagine getting a healthy Mediterranean lunch freshly prepared for you in less time than it takes to read this article. That is the concept behind Yalla, the newest fast casual spot to hit the Burbank Empire Center.

Here are three things to know about this “Farm to Fork” spot.

1. Everything cooks fresh on the grill in three minutes, so it actually might take less time to grab a healthy lunch here then the Panda Express drive-thru next door. Plus I’m pretty sure the staff is much better looking.

Yalla Mediteranean Burbank

2. They serve Shalafels! A combination of both falafel and chicken shawarma and the ultimate sandwich for those of us who are not satisfied with falafel by itself, but feel guilty ordering a second entree.


3. Nothing is over $9, even at dinner time! Which means you can pair it with a nice adult beverage and reconnect with the distant cafeteria days of your younger years…only with booze instead of a juice box.

yalla meal

Yalla is open everyday from 11 AM to 10 PM. Click here to see more of the menu or to order online for an even faster Yalla for you.


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