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Last night I attended an absolutely fabulous event at Firenze Osteria in North Hollywood! It was a five course Italian meal prepared by top chef Fabio Vivani with Karma tequila pairings mixed up by Jacopo Falleni.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Italian food and tequila? I thought the same thing and turns out–the two are phenomenal together!

All the drinks were inspiring, especially the Karmacole-which was a blend of Karma Tequilla, guacamole, and mango.

The Karma brand was new to me, but it was incredibly smooth, and was mixed so well in all the cocktails that I forgot I was drinking alcohol. A little dangerous…but worth the fun 🙂

The food was sublime, and it was also infused with Karma. I can only hope I come full circle and end up at Firenze again!




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