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Me Gusta Gusto!

This past Saturday night I decided to ignore the lack of Yelp.com reviews and give the new restaurant Gusto a try!

The lettering on the window-pane instantly reminded me of Babbo or Mozza and inside you feel as if you are in homey trattoria. Gusto is the first restaurant venture by Chef Vic Cassanova of Culina at the Four Seasons and you can tell it’s a labor of love.

All the pastas and breads are made in house so I urge everyone to leave Dr. Atkins at home. I had the first pasta on the menu made with sausage while my fiancé went meatless with a square pasta in a tomato sauce. I should note here that his choice would have been to add some chicken, but as it says on the bottom of the menu, there are no substitutions 🙂

 My only criticism of the evening is that we ordered an octopus appetizer and it was served with our pastas. Maybe that is the way it goes at Gusto, but I was disappointed because our dinner felt rushed despite the need for us to vacate the table.

I still say go to Gusto though, just be specific about when you would like your appetizers.



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