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NYE–Started out in Hummer, ended up on the Subway..Oh LA!

December 31st 2011: 4 friends headed out to Hollywood to ring in the new year!

Warning: Do not attempt to take a cab on New Years Eve…they do not exist!!! In Retrospect hiring a low cost limo probably would have been the best bet but I ignorantly believed that you could call a cab and they would appear! In my own defense I did try and call a cab at 7 PM, but they assured me I could call at 10:30 instead. All I got at 10:30 was a suggestion to drive myself!

Finally at 11:30 PM we settled on the last resort of driving our own car.  The choice to take our friend’s hummer was based on safety precautions,  and I’ve never felt safer. The downside of it all was one sober driver and  parking for $40!!—gotta love Hollywood 🙂

Just like a movie, the four of us literally ran into the nightclub as the numbers were being counted down! A priceless moment after I had come to terms with the idea of spending New Years Eve in a car. 2012 brought an instant realization to this blogger–I’m not 22 anymore.

A decision to end the night early left my fiance and I stranded in Hollywood at 4 AM again believing we could catch a cab! Second realization of 2012-this is not NYC and there will never be enough cabsl! After running up and down Hollywood Blvd we ventured down to the subway,and after a very long wait were on a train home.

Warning to any ladies reading this blog: 4 AM on a subway in Hollywood is not a place you want to be :).  Again-this is not New York.

Tips I’ve learned from friends-avoid eye contact at all costs…although it was very hard not to look at the woman waving a Costco sized Jack Daniels bottle in my face—OH LA!!!!

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