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Pregnant in Los Angeles

In the past few months I have entered the world of pregnant food writing. While I always imagined this would give me the freedom to make Los Angeles a culinary free for all where I explored every restaurant in my stretchiest of pants, I have found that some of my favorite things to write about suddenly are off limits.

Cocktails have become mocktails, charcuteries are now charbroiled steaks, and the hardest to take..soft, aged, and stinky cheeses are now all the more “krafty”.

Now before you stop reading and give up on me altogether I’m happy to share that there is a bright side! It seems my little hotel guest for the next six months shares my insatiable appetite and there is a new joy in the search for the perfect bowl of ramen noodles in West Hollywood that those with and without child can enjoy.

So while I might not be sitting down for a 10 course degustation until Winter, I’ll be happy to share my experiences in mommy-friendly kitchens all around the city, and I hope you will join me.



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