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R23: Where the service rivals the food

It’s no wonder that R23 has a 25 rating from Zagat ,and remains a Top 10 Sushi Restaurant by Gayot-because the 4 course dinner was more than a dinner, it was a memorable meal.

Thanks to travelzoo my fiancé and I only spent $69 dollars to have a four course meal including drinks!

The meal began with a soup course, with several miso options to choose from.

We each had appetizers, but I ate most of my fiancé’s baked scallops because I just couldn’t get enough! I don’t even remember what I ordered—that’s how good the scallops were!

My recommendation for the sushi course has to be the Spicy Lovers # 1 roll- a spicy tuna roll with seared yellowtail and topped with jalapenos. The sushi tasted so fresh and it has a little kick at the end.

We split a grilled black cod marinated in sweet miso for our next course and much like oysters it had the consistency of flan and the savory taste of the sea.

For dessert we had mochi ice cream, and the waiter prepared it specially for us so that 4 mochi’s would seem like 40!

The best part of the meal had to have been the care taken to make sure it was the best one we had all week. The waiters (and yes it’s plural) were constantly clearing the table and making sure each dish was to our liking-but not in any annoying or obtrusive fashion.

The restaurant is also part gallery, with Picasso-esque art covering the exposed brick walls.

If you squint you’ll swear you’re in NYC at R23.


923 E. Second St.
Los Angeles, California 90013

Once a railroad loading dock, now a hip downtown hideaway for those who like it raw

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