Sage Fitness Group How this Foodie Stays Fit!!!!

Sammies in Santa Monica

Have you ever found yourself hungry on the stretch of Broadway in Santa Monica where you are too far from 3rd street to walk there, but still not quite desperate enough to eat at Vons?…

If this is you then consider yourself saved because the masterminds behind Hosteria del Piccolo and Piccolo Venice have brought Ciboteca to the neighborhood!

Whether you are picking up a quick Hostaria Panini for lunch or a “home-made to make a home” meal like braised octopus with polenta for dinner, you can revel in the fact that you are living the “eat less taste more” philosophy and celebrating your absolutely gourmand self!


Since you’ve been so good, make sure to pick up some desserts courtesy of Pastry chef Yukari Kamiya.


You’ll be saying ciao to your mangia monotony in no time!!


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