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Some Primping for Providence

Providence might be the #1 Restaurant in Los Angeles according to Jonathan Gold, and one of the best restaurants in the country according to Gourmet Magazine–but what great beauty doesn’t need a little work done every once in a while?

That’s why as Providence enters into it’s ninth year it’s undergoing a redesign both on the menu and in the dining room with Chef Michael Cimarusti hedging his bets that we won’t forget about him during the early June Hiatus.

Here’s what you can expect

-New interior designed by Tamara Kaye-Honey, with a focus on marine ecosystems but without losing the decadence. Think of it as Art-Deco meets Finding Nemo.

-New menu which will be more tasting-menu focused. Giving guests the choice  between signature dishes, a market menu, or a chef’s compendium. Have no fear though some a-la-carte items will still be available.

-The same reverence for wild-caught and sustainable products that makes us foodies feel less bad about that fatty duck liver pate we had last night.

Providence will be open as usual during the month of May, but beginning in June you’ll have to get your Cimarusti fix at Connie & Ted’s 🙂


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