The 9-course menu at Maude is centered on a single ingredient for a month and for my April visit that ingredient was radish. Now I am not particularly a radish fanatic (honesty who is) but it was my birthday celebration so I mustered up all the love I could for the root.

Caroline Gelabert-Noh at Maude

I now believe the mark of a great restaurant should be using one ingredient no one is excited about and making it truly delicious.

Amuse Bouche: Oyster Cocktail: Chili Avocado

Oyster Cocktail with Chili Avocado

Rhubarb with Peas & Whey

Probably my least favorite, because it reminded me of a fancier version of the healthy treats I feed my 11 month old 🙂

Rhubarb with Peas & Whey

Bouillon with Shiitake & Ponzu

Bouillon with Shitake & Ponzu

Spot Prawn with Herbs & Lime

This is where the meal really started to get going. These single herbs pressed between two thinly sliced radishes created especially to complement each prawn bite was almost too beautiful and delicate to eat.

Spot Prawn with Herbs & Lime

Tete de Cochon with Fennel & Violet Mustard

Tete de Cochon

Octopus with Walnuts & Sweet & Sour 

Octopus with Walnuts

Orecchiette with Fava Beans & Morels


“Bulgogi” with Cucumber & Kimchi 


Winnimire with Black Pepper Sable

Winnimire is a type of cheese for those of you (myself included) who weren’t quite sure 🙂

Winnimire with Black Pepper Sable

White Chocolate with Raspberries & Beets

white chocolate

Bonus Dessert: Chocolate Ganache Cake with Wasabi

To celebrate my many years on earth.

Chocolate Ganache Cake with Wasabi

Even more bonus desserts

As if two full desserts following 9 savory dishes weren’t enough!

Bonus desserts

A signed menu to commemorate the evening

signed menu

The Damage 

A dinner at Maude is about $135 a person excluding tip and tax depending on the month you choose, and the wine list has bottles starting at $55. While the restaurant focuses on wine pairings ($100-$135 pp), you can save a little money by bringing your own for the $50 corkage fee (especially if you’ve been hoarding a bottle of Dom Pérignon).

champagne bottle with hearts