Every so often this girl get Michelin stars in her eyes. Unfortunately when that happens, and you are in LA, you have to remember the good times when Michelin actually visited our fair city. Thus a visit to Providence is a perfect way to satisfy the curiosity, as it’s one of the last restaurants to receive the honor in 2009. A 3 course tasting is a spectacular way to taste what Executive Chef Michael Cimarusti has to offer…but I must have been a little blinded by stardust when I went with the 10 course chef’s menu.

Amuse Bouche, The Dark and Stormy with Ginger Beer

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche, Grilled Kumamoto oyster, American caviar, and smoked butter


Amuse Bouche, crispy salmon skin crackers topped with Roe. Talk about sustainable eating!

Crispy Salmon Skin Crackers with Roe

Amuse Bouche, Wagyu Beef Cigars

Wagyu Beef Cigars

Amuse Bouche, Squid and Chorizo

Squid and Chorizo

Sashimi, with Calabrian chiles, lemon, and mint.

Spot Prawn, with spring greens & miso

Squid Carbonara, with La Quercia pancetta

Squid Carbonara: with la quercia pancetta

Spot Prawn, with spring greens and miso-almost too beautiful to eat.

spotted prawn with spring greens and miso

Scallop, with black truffle, salted butter, lemon, and chive-from slice to bite.


Striped Bass, with cranberry beans, saffron, and fennel.

Striped Bass, with cranberry beans, saffron, and fennel

Wild King Salmon, with peach, mustard, and onion*-This was the most delicious bite of heaven and is not on the 3 course tasting menu.


A5 Wagyu, with corn chanterelles, and bone marrow

a5 wagyu

Artisanal Cheeses, my favorite part of the meal. Hand picked and perfect. The only downside, far too full for my stomach to keep up with tastebuds.


Guava, with passion fruit, pineapple, and matcha


Soy Jasmine, with concord grapes, and yuzu


Bonus Dessert-to celebrate 10 years of sitting across from the same set of sleeves




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