The overarching theme of 2017 has been coming to grips with the reality that is in front of you…instead of the one you thought you knew.

For that reason my favorite meal of 2017 was one of pure comfort and joy, that was already steeped in social affirmation, and just waiting for my own confirmation that yes it was really that good.

Trois Mec is not the new kid on the block, and Ludo Lefebvre is not an up-and-coming chef, but after four years it still gives newcomers the warm and fuzzies of a young and hungry restaurant.

Begin at the beginning

Trois Mec opened in June of 2013 following an increase in demand for tasty bites from Chef Ludo Lefebvre. It was built on the foundation of being a tasting menu for the laid back and in-the-know crowd, and that certainly continues in 2017. Prepare to check your ego at the door while you stand waiting in a strip-mall parking lot a pre-paid ticketed dinner reservation you made a month ago.

It’s also open only Monday-Friday as if to demand that we dine on Ludo’s work schedule and stop reserving tasting menu’s for only special occasions.

That being said I still went on the Friday of my 5-year wedding anniversary ūüôā

The sign reads “French Parking Only”

It Begins

20 minutes after our reservation time we were led in to the busy dining room and shown two bar stools facing the kitchen. I’ll be honest that my first reaction was one of disappointment that I might be spending my 5-year wedding anniversary transfixed by the theatrics of the kitchen instead of the theatrics of my husband; but then Chef Ludo Lefebvre himself took his place on the opposite side of us and it became very clear that we had lucked out.


What are you Eating

The 5-course menu changes with the seasons but our meal began with Tandoori & Lemon Thyme Madeleines presented in a lacquer box. The next “snack” was a Crispy Tapioca with Parmesan and Passion Fruit¬†and off to side Bread and Butters¬†which remain there until you choose for them to leave. No judgement for wanting to keep the bread longer to sop up the dregs of the unbelievable sauces in your meal to come.

The first course was a Diver Scallop with Apple Geleé, Seaweed, and Buckwheat Popcorn whose oil I wish I could bottle and drink daily upon waking. Diver_Scallop_apple_gelee_seaweed_buckwheat_Popcorn

The second course,¬†Wood Grilled Endive, Pain d’Epices, Citrus, Grilled Herb Mayo, and Radicchio,¬†is perhaps the first time I found myself lusting after a salad.


The third course, Black Bass with Pineapple butter, Cabbage, Fennel Pollen, & Curry was not as mind-blowing as the first two courses but that grilled endive was a tough act to follow!


The fourth course was a Lamb with Yogurt Foam, Mint Pesto, Artichokes, Smoked Eel, and Dried Yeast. Plated to encourage you to circle the globe and create your own perfect bite. Lamb_Yogurt_foam_mint_pesto_artichokes_smoked_eel_dried_yeast_EatDrinkLA

Now on to dessert! The next three bites might be on the sweeter side, but the savory fungus is the star of the show.

Course five was a Crispy Bread Ice Cream with Comté Cheese followed by Mont Blanc with Chestnut Cream, Mushrooms, and Meringue. For the car ride home we each received a bag of Pralines with Black Truffle.

What are you Drinking

Since you already paid for your meal a month ago with the Tock Ticketing System, I highly recommend adding the wine pairing. You’ll be served 6 delicious wines and the whole meal begins and ends with bubbles.

In Conclusion

Los Angeles was named the most exciting food city in the U.S. by Zagat for 2017 because of our range for unconventionality. I have to believe it’s also in part because of pioneers like¬†Chef Ludo Lefebvre who created the strip-mall chic dining concept we have all come to accept as normal and thus has changed the landscape of the city itself.

Cost: $110 pp for 5 courses plus snacks pre-purchased a month in advance with Tock. Wine Pairing an additional $70.


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