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The Chi-Lin Dynasty Reigns over Sunset

If you are looking for Haute Chinese Cuisine in a hot scene then Chi Lin on Sunset is about to become your new favorite place! Located in the old Hamburger Hamlet spot Chi-Lin shares it’s walls with and bathrooms with sister restaurant Rivabella-both brought to you by Innovative Dining Group.

The interiors, designed by studio collective, immediately transport you to a sexy night in Hong Kong where suddenly everyone becomes more seductive. Pair that with a Hot and Sour Martini and you might never want to leave.


Here is a list of my must haves when at Chi-Lin.


Savory Prawn, Crab, and Asparagus Toast

Completely inventive and tasty, although not the easiest food to put in your mouth. I recommend saving the asparagus for last to avoid looking ridiculous.


Char Siu Mangalitsa Pork Belly Lettuce Cups

Fancy name for delectable Chinese BBQ pork.


Wok-Fired Manila Clams with Lap Xuong and Xo Sauce

Worth the taste if you don’t’ mind getting your hands a little dirty.


Hong Kong Pineapple Fried Rice

Get it for presentation alone! Although I found it slightly more bland compared to traditional fried rice, the pineapple bowl looks great on the table. Maybe not the best reason to choose a dish, but if you just wanted tasty rice you’d be home in your pj’s not out in your Loub’s on the sunset strip.



Braised Black Cod Kang Style

Served over fava beans this cod melts in your mouth!


Aberdeen Alaskan King Crab*

Absolute must have!! It is the most delicious crab and only requires a fraction of the work to remove it from the shell. It’s served over mung bean noodles and crispy garlic!

Image Poultry/Meat

Chrysanthemum Chicken

Succulent Chicken served with chanterelle musthrooms and crispy proscioutto and yes you can eat the flowers!


Chi Lin Peking Duck*

Another Must have–although you must have it with someone else! The duck is huge—and it should be with a $68 dollar price tag. This dish is best split between a group of 6.


Black Pepper Two Basil Filet Mignon

Sweet and Tasty, and served with crispy fried basil that melts on your tongue.


Chocolate Custard & Five Spice Ice-Cream

The chocolate custard may look like the main act but the Five Spice Ice-Cream is the star of the show on this plate. Unlike anything else I’ve had from the dairy family in a while.


Yuzu Cheesecake*

This was my favorite–but only order the deserts if you must end with something sweet and instead concentrate your efforts on the main courses.

Overall I would stay away from the veggies and the starches. Besides the egg plant I was not blown away by the Kale Salad or Brussel Sprouts—but who goes out for Chinese and orders Brussell Sprouts anyway.


Chi Lin is a great place to go to impress, be seen, and make a scene—after all it’s not just anywhere that ends dinner with a sparkler on your table!


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