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The Hair Treatment you can eat? Perfect for EatDrinkLA

The Broot Hair Treatment Bar is the latest edition to Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, and the first hair treatment bar of it’s kind.

Of course it’s brought to you by the folks at Bellacures and is actually right across the street!


The salon feels like the inside of an avocado and coincidentally that is the base of most of their treatments.

The menu on the wall offers services such as Reconstruction or Maintainenc, but since I happened to go in with two days of dry shampoo built up, I decided to go with Rehydration.


After my hair was washed a combination of mayonaise, avocado, honey, and oils was gently massaged into my head—and it smelled amazing!

15 minutes under the dryer and I was ready to eat! To avoid consuming your own hair though the final stage is a rinse using shampoo and conditioner.

I left the bar with silky soft hair, and although given the option to blow-dry it myself, I chose a fancy braid that I could never make on my own.

It was Brootiful!!



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