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The new flagship Mendocino Farms: Don’t you dare call it a deli!

This is the second time I’ve reviewed a Mendocino Farms, but it’s the first time I’ve really understood it.


Last night Owner Mario del Perro walked a small group of us through a not quite finished space by Poon Design and reintroduced us to what it means to make a good sandwich.


His motto is “Sell Happy. Don’t just Sell Sandwiches” and if you ever forget that you need only look above the kitchen-as it’s written in bright lights. The walls of the space are decorated with chalkboard art, and it was created by one of Mendocino Farms own employees.


Clearly this is a place where they don’t just sell happy, they live it. It’s like the google of sandwich shops!


Chef Judy Han has expertly perfected Mario’s vision and with every bite I felt at least 5 different flavors hitting my taste-buds. I had three favorite sammies of the night so I think I can best describe them with a list (note: they are not in order of favorites)

  1. The Spanish Chicken Sandwich-this is their signature sandwich and it’s a converted recipe from the Blue Cow Kitchen. The chicken tastes like it’s been marinated for days, and is complemented with house marinated peppers and manchego cheese
  2. The Summer Cubano Sandwich.-As a Cuban I’m pretty picky about my Cubanos J but this sandwich is a superb blend of Cuban flavors and Mendocino mustard. It’s a very nice twist on the original and it’s a seasonal addition to the menu.
    1. The not so fried chicken sandwich-This is fried chicken made with mendo “krispies” so you can indulge with slightly less guilt.

 I recommend pairing any of these with a nice bottle of ale and a Fragola Pasta Salad.

 I promise you’ll leave the restaurant feeling satisfied and not stuffed-ready to take on an afternoon of shopping across the street at The Grove!

Mendocino Farms is open to the public May 31st 2012


Located at the corner of 3rd Street and Fairfax, across the street from the Farmers Market






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