Sage Fitness Group How this Foodie Stays Fit!!!!

Want to spend this Valentine’s Day with a beauty from Moscow?…

Whether you want to stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day, Internet Sensation Olga Valentina has your night covered!

Olga Valentina–best known for her collection of shoes and sparky cooking personality–delights audiences each week with her cooking classes on www.olgacooks.com created with the modern urbanite in mind.

Here is a look at a sumptuous meal you can create yourself at home—or if you have $2500 set aside for the day of love then scroll down for details!

Start with a Strawberry Lemonade Champagne made with Moet and Limoncello


Wet you appetite with some appetizers designed to excite your more tactile senses—notice most requiring using only your hands

Cauliflower Soup Shots


Citrus Lobster Salad


Move on the main-courses which are lighter than usual, to ensure you turn in early 🙂

Branzino with Green Beans and Russian Red Caviar


Cavatelli Bolognese with Venison


Dessert…well lets hope you can figure that out yourself…

If you’d rather go out then you can still enjoy Miss Valentina’s recipes, but in her home! It all starts with a limo ride and a bottle of Dom Perignon before your private Russian Fusion Dinner for Two.

Whichever you decide she will have your lover saying Ya tebya lyublyu in no time!


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