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What is IcePan?

The last time I was in Las Vegas I indulged my after-dinner sugar craving with a new kind of ice-cream called IcePan!

The IcePan process involves combing your choice of milk, fruit, and natural ingredients to create the ice-cream of your choice from scratch using ….you guessed it…an icepan!

The ice-cream baristas manipulate your choices and it’s sort of like watching the blue man group but with ice-cream. Within minutes of pounding the milk and ingredients the liquid turns to solid and you are eating a delicious ice-cream created just for you.

Unfortunately IcePan no longer has a Los Angeles location so check them out when you’re in Las Vegas—it’s at the Harrah’s Hotel.

I’m hoping this post will make the IcePan cometh back to our city 🙂



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