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Where have all the light beers gone?

This blog is dedicated to my fit fiancé!! (and the title is meant to be sung like the Paula Cole song about cowboys)

As a festive way to end the weekend my fiancé and I decided to go to dinner at a new restaurant in our neighborhood.

The Federal Bar is a Gastropub in North Hollywood that offers an wide selection of international and unknown beers ,so we had little doubt that there would also be a wide selection of Light Beers—we had no such luck 🙁

Overall we had a wonderful experience at this restaurant (which I will get into more later), but I do find it interesting that the only light beer selection was bottled Miller, Coors, and Amstel–which might be the most generic beers available in your neighborhood Ralphs. Is there no such thing as a light beer connoisseur? Perhaps that isn’t where the gastropub dollar lies.

Now onto the good stuff!! What did I have you ask? I sampled a blueberry beer and it was delightful (and light in color but probably not calories)! I enjoyed that all the food came with beverage recommendations and that all the beers also had alcohol content listed beside it.

My fiancé had a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun with sweet potato tots. While we recommend trying the tots the maple flavor is so overwhelming that after 5 or so you are satisfied. This is a dish best shared among more than two.

I ordered a wrangler burger like the cowboy that I am and it was so massive that I had to forgo much of the bunly goodness and concentrated on the meat and sauerkraut inside. I had it with the traditional parmesan fries and they were superb!

For the health conscious out there you can have a salad instead…but I’m not sure if I recommend that for a first time visit!

In Conclusion-check out the federal bar. You can have a great dinner for about 30 dollars and you will not be disappointed-unless you are a connoisseur of light ales.


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