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Where to eat like a skinny bitch

Perhaps I’ve lived in North Hollywood too long, but I always feel when I cross over the hill that everyone gets better looking!

Maybe it’s just where they are eating 🙂

True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica is a healthy spot that offers tasty nourishment with the added benefit of making you taller and blonder! During my Wedding Dress Diet I found this to be a nice balance between going out to eat, and actually eating right.

True Food Kitchen in the Santa Monica Place Mall always looks busy, but they actually have lots of seating inside and out…so stay in line!

I chose to sit outside on a lovely communal table, so I could watch all the other skinnies walk by!

As an entrée I had the Farmers Market Salad with Chicken, and although the chicken looks a lot like Subway Quality, the taste was fantastic! Whatever dressing they use seems light and the peas tasted like they were picked from a garden just minutes before.

Speaking of the Skinnies! This blog would not be complete without reviewing Bethany Frankel’s Skinny Girl Margarita Brand.

Bottom Line: Less Calories means less taste, and this taste isn’t even worth the calories. If you’re trying to lose weight-just stay away from margaritas, and stick to true food!

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