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Kona-much more than Coffee

Kona is located on The Big Island of Hawaii and is known for it’s volcanic activity. It was the second stop on my honeymoon, and here are some must have meals to make your taste buds erupt!

Breakfast-Island Lava Java

Don’t let the eggo-like appearance fool you. This place has great waffles and portugese sausage, along with some of the biggest cups of Kona Coffee on the Island.


Lunch-Da Fish House & lunch wagon

If you want to feel like a local then this is your place.

It’s located next to Da Fish House-which is actually a fish market that sells $5 poke. I only know this because I went in and ordered some after being disapointed by the lack of cooked food. Only after comparing my surroundings with yelp reviews did I realize the Lunch I REALLY wanted was outside, being served out of yellow school bus with no wheels…

Leave your pretensions at home though and get ready to enjoy some really good fish and chips and panko crusted mahi mahi.


Drinks: The Kona Brewery Company

The Kona Brewery Company offers free tours everyday at 10:30 AM and 3 PM, but make sure you sign up early, because these 15 spots fill up fast! Best part: the tour is relatively short and offers loads of free liquid aloha at the end.

Dinner-Browns Beach House

After saving so much money at breakfast and lunch, I urge you to spend all of your extra cash on Dinner at Brown’s Beach House. It’s located in the Fairmont Orchid Hotel and is literally a restaurant on the sand. There is live music at night and the atmosphere couldn’t be more romantic. The 3 course chef’s tasting is the best way to enjoy the best of the menu, and it’s actually more like 2 main courses and a dessert! I had the short-ribs over risotto as a starter and Filet Mignon as an Entrée. Dessert was a  home-made snickers bar that I enjoyed the following day…as I had just eaten an entire cow all by myself.


ImageMahalo until Maui! The last stop on my tour of paradise!


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