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Final Foie Gras becomes Steak and Ale Pie

On the hunt for my real last Foie Gras before the July 1st cutoff my friend Courtney and I tried to go to Animal without a reservation.

I should have known when the hostess told me there were no reservations until July that “just walking in” wouldn’t work-but we tried nonetheless.

We were given a 2 hour wait time to sit AT THE BAR so with heavy hearts and empty stomachs we walked out on to Fairfax Avenue.

Amidst the trendy shops and Jewish bakeries we came across Rosewood Tavern and were instantly drawn in by the good lighting and abundance of tables!

Rosewood Tavern is a massive pub space with welcoming bar keeps and smiling wait-staff.

I started the meal with a beer flight and thanks to my very knowledgeable companion learned the profound differences between a Duvel and an Old Numbskull—Note to lightweights, It’s called an Old Numbskull for a reason…and because of it I don’t’ remember most of my new beer tasting facts!

We both had Steak & Ale Pie’s for dinner, and I was thrilled to find only a light pastry topper above the meat , instead of the usual massive womb of pie dough with a dollop of steak inside.

I was a little sad to miss out on a night of duck delicacies, but I’m pleased to have stumbled upon Rosewood Tavern.


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