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Leap Day Events-for the fit and the free

For this day that comes but once every four years I have included two activities for the Anglophiles.

 Lately this blog has been eat, starve, LA…so I have made sure to have one event for those of us that are quarantined at home with tilapia, and one for the chosen few who can imbibe without despair!

Starting with the fun one!

Check out the Leap Year Wine Special at the Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena where your second glass of wine is only 29 cents! They also will have food specials at the same rate.


Now for the rest of us: Rent the movie Leap Year staring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode and celebrate the day in Ireland where it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to propose to a man.

Ladies, If you have a special somebody, I suggest proposing today.

As an added bonus maybe try some leaping! The movie is 100 minutes long so I suggest a leap every 20 minutes. Celebrate this extra day in your year by filling your body with nutritious food—which will help make your life that much longer too 🙂


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