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10 Best Bites of 2015

2015 has been a spectacular year for eating in Los Angeles because now more than ever the eyes of the nation are looking westward for the next great dining experience to transform them.

Although the birth of my son kept me from trying all the newest spots, here are the 10 best bites I was lucky enough to experience in 2015, along with a bonus to keep your mouth watering into next year

A Fat Joey from Fat Sal’s Sandwich Shop in Hollywood

Yes french fries on a sandwich is excessive, but it makes all the difference here…and who would want to eat a skinny joey anyway :). Made with pastrami, turkey, melted swiss, cole slaw, fries, and Russian dressing, this is a hero sandwich worth being fat for.

fat joey

The Bucatini from Otium in Downtown LA

From one of the most highly anticipated restaurant opening’s in 2015, Chef Timothy Hollingsworth’s Bucatini with egg, clam, bacon, and créme fraiche is absolutely sublime and makes you want to try everything on his supremely diverse menu.

bucatini from Otium

The Pot de Créme from Fig & Olive on Melrose Place 

Fig & Olive might not be a new edition to the Los Angeles dining scene, but the Pot de Creme at Fig & Olive is an underrated dessert standout that never ceases to dazzle me year after year. This one in particular marked my 31st birthday.

Pot De Creme Fig & Olive

A “Rounds Way” Burger from Rounds Premium Burger in Pasadena

I’m definitely late to join the Rounds Burger bandwagon, but I’m now convinced that the only way to have a burger is if the lettuce, tomato, pickles, and thousand island toppings have been minced before being added to your patty. It might be the same stuff, but it just tastes better that way.

Rounds Way Burger in Pasadena

Churro French Toast from Trois Familia in Silverlake

The Trois men have done it again with their 3rd and newest restaurant venture, the “frenchican” lunch/brunch spot in Silverlake. While your stomach might be set on one of the many egg dishes everyone seems to be yelping about, be sure to save room for the Churro French Toast with Mexican chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Churro French Toast

Summer Ravioli from Little Next Door in West Hollywood 

Delightful little saucers filled with corn custard and a lot of love, get all the dinner details here.

summer ravioli

The Fairfax from EggSlut in Downtown LA

Wondering if it’s worth the wait to stand in the longest line at The Grand Central Market when there are so many other stands to visit?? One bite into your brioche bun filled with soft scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo and you’ll be ready to join the queue again.


Housemade Stracciatella from Union in Pasadena 

I can still taste every bite of this drippingly delicious appetizer from Chef Bruce Kalman’s first restaurant, Union. I can only hope a memorable bite like this has become a menu staple item at a location that prides itself on being seasonally ever-changing. Enjoy more from this meal right here.

Union Pasadena

The Hoe Cake from Barrel & Ashes in Studio City

Another gem from Chef Timothy Hollingsworth (Otium), along with Chef’s Rory Hermann and Michael Kahikina, the hoe cake is available during brunch, lunch, and dinner because it’s just that damn good.

corn cake

Butterscotch Budino from Mozza to Go in Hollywood

A tough day in LA can be instantly remedied with one bite of budino. There would certainly be less road rage if we all had $9 to spare and access to street parking on Melrose avenue.


A bonus for 2016, the news that Shake Shack is coming to Glendale, California.

This beloved New York City burger has slowly been making its way across the country with locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, and soon to be Santa Monica. The news that their second location would be in the burbs of Glendale made this resident literally jump up and down. It won’t be until late 2016 but I can only hope it’s just the beginning of an exciting year of restaurants to come!

shake shack glendale

Happy New Year everyone!

new years baby










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