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Bobby London is taking you out Saturday Night

Bobby London is a great place to start or end your hangover. While it might still be getting its bearings, overall the food tastes like it was made for drunks who can’t tell the difference.

That being said this restaurant is PERFECT for those who find themselves in Koreatown at 10 PM and don’t want Korean Food, which has happened to everyone at least once or twice right? 🙂

Old Fashioned: When I went they did not have a drink menu, but that only means you can order whatever your heart desires, which for me was an Old Fashioned


Caramelized Brussels Sprouts :A little too sweet for my taste, but worth getting to balance out the rest of savory dishes you’re about to order


Beef Sliders: Sweet Onion, Tomato Jam, Bacon, Havarti…delicious


Pastrami Sandwich: Only in someone’s wildest inebriated dreams do you actually get a pastrami sandwich for the midnight munchies, a nice touch.


French Fries: Only $4 dollars, you sort of have to…


Nutella Balls: Unfortunately the superb combination of ingredients;Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate, and Caramel were not enough to make this taste good, but it looks nice on the table


Overall this is a fun small plates restaurant opened till 2 am. and with a kitchen that stays open until 11 PM on weekends. So if you find yourself stumbling around Koreatown tonight, know that you always have a friend in Bobby London.



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