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Cherry Blossom Trees in Downtown LA

Yesterday evening I ushered in the change of seasons on a deliciously warm Los Angeles night among the Cherry Blossom trees.


Chaya Downtown kicked off it’s Cherry Blossom Festival this past Monday which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Japan gifting Washington DC with 3,000 Cherry Trees. The outdoor patio of the restaurant is covered in cherry blossoms and there is a special menu by which features Cherry-Blossom inspired creations at cherry sized prices :)!

My favorite thing on the menu was the Beef Carpaccio with Aged Cherry Balsamic vinegar, which was actually an unintentional creation by the Chef de Cuisine Atsushi Kenjo. Off the usual happy hour menu I recommend the grilled octopus with wasabi pickles and baby potatoes; a delightful example of masterful flavor-pairings and simple ingredients.

I sampled the Sakuratini off the Cherry Blossom menu, but for those who want a something sweeter I recommend the Cherry Bellini. Chaya Downtown also has a fantastic wine list with affordable choices by the glass, and an informative wait staff to lead you in the right direction.

The Cherry Blossom Festival runs from April 16th-27th , so go check out Chaya Downtown, and enjoy a sundown amidst the skyscrapers and cherry blossom trees.




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